Array class and function in C#


In this chapter you will learn:

  • Various types of array’s properties
  • Various types of array’s function
  • How to use array’s properties and function in C# programming?

The Array class is the base class of all the arrays in C sharp programming. Array class is defined within the system namespace. Array class provides number of predefined functions and properties to work with. Its function makes array much easier and simpler to work.

Most common properties of Array class

 int[] arr = new int[4];
Length Returns the length of array. Returns integer value. int i = arr1.Length;
Rank Returns total number of items in all the dimension. Returns integer value. int i = arr1.Rank;
IsFixedSize Check whether array is fixed size or not. Returns Boolean value bool i = arr.IsFixedSize;
IsReadOnly Check whether array is ReadOnly or not. Returns Boolean value bool k = arr1.IsReadOnly;

Most common functions of Array class

Sort Sort an array Array.Sort(arr);
Clear Clear an array by removing all the items Array.Clear(arr, 0, 3);
GetLength Returns the number of elements arr.GetLength(0);
GetValue Returns the value of specified items arr.GetValue(2);
IndexOf Returns the index position of value Array.IndexOf(arr,45);
Copy Copy array elements to another elements Array.Copy(arr1,arr1,3);

Programming Examples of array class

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;

namespace Array_Class
    class Program
        static void printarray(int[] arr)
            Console.WriteLine("\nElements of array is:\n");
            foreach (int i in arr)
                Console.Write("\t{0}", i);
        static void Main(string[] args)
            //Initializing and storing value in arr1
            int[] arr1 = new int[5] { 43, 25, 33, 14, 5 };
            int[] arr2 = new int[5];
            int len, rank;
            bool fixedsize, read_only;

            //Check array length
            len = arr1.Length;
            Console.WriteLine("Length:\t{0}", len);

            //Check array rank
            rank = arr1.Rank;
            Console.WriteLine("Rank:\t{0}", rank);

            //Check whether array is fixed size or not
            fixedsize = arr1.IsFixedSize;
            Console.WriteLine("Fixed Size:\t{0}", fixedsize);

            //Check whether array is read only or not
            read_only = arr1.IsReadOnly;
            Console.WriteLine("Read Only:\t{0}", read_only);

            //Sorting an array

            //Returning Lenght from specified position
            Console.WriteLine("Get Length:\t{0}", arr1.GetLength(0));

            //Returns value of specied position
            Console.WriteLine("Get Value:\t{0}", arr1.GetValue(2));

            //Returns Index position of specified value
            Console.WriteLine("Get Index:\t{0}", Array.IndexOf(arr1, 33));

            //Copying arr1's items to arr2
            Array.Copy(arr1, arr2, 5);

            //Removing items from array.
            Array.Clear(arr1, 0, 5);



Length:   5
Rank:      1
Fixed Size:       True
Read Only:       False

Elements of array is:

      5      14      25      33      43

Get Length:      5
Get Value:       25
Get Index:       3

Elements of array is:

      5      14      25      33      43

Elements of array is:

      0      0        0       0        0


In this chapter you learned about different types of array’s properties and function in C#. In next chapter you will get some programming examples of array..

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