C# Inheritance and Constructors with Programming Examples

In this chapter you will learn

  • Define Constructor in Base Class
  • Access Base Class Constructor in Derived Class
  • Programming Examples and Codes

Define Base Class Constructor

There is no special rule for defining base class constructors. Rules are same as other class constructors. You can define number of constructor as follows:

  • Access Base Class Constructor in Derived Class

    If base class has constructor then child class or derived class are required to call the constructor from its base class.

    Programming Examples and Codes

    Following programming example has two constructors in base class. One is default constructor and other has a string parameter message. In child class all these two constructors are called and print message on console.


    I am Default Constructors
    Constructor Message : Hello Constructor


    In this chapter you learned how to define constructor in base class and call it in child class. C# Inheritance Constructor is very useful when you need to pass value to base class from child class. In the next chapter you will learn Multiple Inheritance in C#.

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