Getting Started

In this chapter you will learn:

  • How to start c# programming?
  • Where to write C# code?
  • How to run C# code?

In this chapter you will learn where to write and how to execute C# code. It is the very first chapter that explains about various programming platform where you can write and execute your program. The notepad is the one of the best text editor to write C# code but to get more functionality and power as Intellisense, you need a dedicated platform to write and execute C# code.

  • The Visual Studio is the one of the best programming tool that provides number of facility and makes your programming easier. You can use any version of Visual Studio to write code as Visual Studio 2005, Visual Studio 2008 and so on.This session includes three chapters.

    Getting Started

    List of Contents


    After completing this session, you will be able to write simple c# code and run c# code. In next chapter you will learn the basic guideline that will help you to make your program error free.


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    1. Wow! you guys just had a Makeover! The site appears really good. Always appreciate your efforts, thanks for updating and keep up the good work.

    2. You designed a good tutorial of C# but its very elementary level. We find all these things in our course books. All programs designed for Console output which is we find in most of our course books. What If I want to learn advance things like programming for Web forms, programming mobile apps, network routers programming and several other advance topics. Will you cover these topics in future?

      1. Dear Parwaiz Latif.
        Thanks for your valuable advice. We are working on it and very soon you will see several advance topics like Razor Markup, MVC, Node, CoffeeScript, NuGet, OAuth, WebServices, Java etc. In next 2 days Razor Markup will be available and we are sure you will like it.

    3. The entire thing was so helpful..! Thank u team. My small opinion is it will be nice if u give an online editor for practicing the examples…!

    4. Hi Guys,

      Let me tell you one thing.I have 9+ yrs of exp.
      But I never see this much simple website helps employees to learn OOPS concepts.
      You people explained it in a way that very simple and easy to understand.
      Well done!

    5. Very Nice !! I learned lot of your this superb tutorials series..please provide more tutorials of with C# and also tutorials of GUI Application in C#

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