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If you want to get complete knowledge of CSS then read this tutorial because here you will learn use of CSS with example which will be helpful for you to make your web page attractive and impressive with best look and feel. Click on next button to start the tutorial.
Note:- To learn and use CSS you must have the knowledge of HTML, basics of computer.


In this chapter you will learn:

What is CSS?
Use of CSS
Types and versions of CSS


CSS is the part of dynamic html which is used to provide advanced features of html tags and reduce the time. It stands for cascading style sheets which style the web page and control look and feel of html documents and also define how you can display html tags.

Use of CSS:-

i) It reduces the time of coding because with the help of CSS you declare the properties of tag once and use multiple times in your web page as it required.
ii) It is easy to maintain because if you want to change the style of the element then you have to only edit in one place.
iii) It helps to make web design flexible.

Types of CSS:-There are three types of CSS which are given below:-
i) Embedded CSS
ii) Inline CSS
iii) External CSSVersions of CSS:-

CSS has three versions which are given here:-

  1. CSS 1
  2. CSS 2
  3. CSS 2.1
  4. CSS 4


In this chapter, you learned about the definition of CSS, its uses, types and versions which will help you to get more knowledge of CSS which are given in next page so click on Next button to continue-


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