Razor – Save Form to Database

In this chapter you will learn

  • How to save form data to database?
  • How to fill form with database?
  • How to insert, update and delete using Form?

How to save Form Data to Database?

In the previous chapter you learned how to get user input and validate form in razor. In this chapter you will learn how to save those values to database. We have already created a database in previous chapter Create and Connect to a Database. We will use this database in this chapter.

  • How to Save Form Data to Database?

    You can save form data to database as follow:


    RazorBasic – E. BalaKrishna is Saved in Database
    Book Name :
    Author Name :


    In this chapter you learned how to get user input using form, validate them and save to database. You also learned to update and delete data using HTML form. This is very basic knowledge of working with database and you will be experienced more when you will start working on real time project.

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