Welcome to ASP.NET MVC5 Tutorial

Welcome to ASP.NET MVC5 Tutorial. This course is designed to deliver you latest MVC5 Tutorial with a short and easy example. ASP.NET MVC5 is the latest and widely popular framework to develop a web-based interactive application. The MVC pattern separates the application into three main parts: The Model, The View, and The Controller. ASP.NET MVC5 is lightweight, fast, secure and highly testable framework which integrates existing ASP.NET features. You will learn all about ASP.NET MVC5 with complete programming examples in this tutorial. This ASP.NET Tutorial contains following chapters.

Content of this Tutorial

01. Getting Started
  1. Introduction to ASP.NET MVC5
  2. Installing Visual Studio
  3. Know Visual Studio 2015/2017 IDE
02. First MVC5 Project
  1. Create First ASP.NET MVC5 Project
  2. ASP.NET MVC 5 Folder Structure
03. Controllers
  1. Understanding Controllers by Examples
  2. Adding a Controller and View Page
  3. All Types of Action Methods
  1. Understanding Views
  2. Adding a View Page
  3. Create Master Page Layout
  4. RenderBody, RenderPage and RenderSection
  5. Adding Partial View Page
  6. Razor Syntax by Example
  7. Learn ViewBag, ViewData, and TempData with Example
05. Models
  1. Understand Model Basics
  2. Adding a Model
  3. Insert, Update, Delete without Entity Framework
  4. Insert, Update, Delete using Entity Framework
  5. Scaffolding Example
06. Pass Model Data to Views
  1. Introduction
  2. ViewModel – Display Multiple Model Values into Views
  3. Pass Data using ViewBag, ViewData and TempData
  4. Pass Data using Session, Tuples, and Dynamic(ExpandoObject)
  5. Render Action and Navigation Property
07. Forms and Database
  1. 4 Ways to Create Form
  2. FormCollection Object
  3. HTTPGET and HTTPPOST Method

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