Other data types in SQL


In this chapter you will learn:

What is other data type?
Types of other data type

What is other data type?

There are so many data types that are not defined in any category so they are listed in other category. All data type that are not defined in any category are given in the following table-


Data typesRangeUsed to storeStorage (Bytes)
sql_variantMaximum length of 8016 bytesDifferent data types except text, ntext, image, timestamp, and sql_variantVariable size
uniqueidentifierIs a 16-byte GUIDData that uniquely identifies the rows in a table across the database.Variable size
tableResult set to be processed laterResult set to be processed laterVariable size
xmlxml instances and xml type variablesxml instances and xml type variablesVariable size
geometryTwo-dimensional dataTwo-dimensional dataVariable size
geographyEllipsoidal dataEllipsoidal dataVariable size
hierarchyidHierarchical dataHierarchical dataVariable size


In this chapter we learned other data types that are used in sql. These data types are uncategorised so it has been put into others category. In the next you will see the examples of data types and also you have to solve some exercises.

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