Execute first query SQL Server

In this chapter you will learn:
How to execute queries in sql
Execute your first query

Process to execute query in SQL Server

Step 1 : Start sql server.
attach database 1
Step 2 : Click on New Query.
attach database 2
Step 3 :  Choose or select the database in which you want to change. you can also create your own database.
attach database 3
Step 4 :  Expand the database and tables which are given in left side of the interface.
attach database 4
Step 5 :  Write the query in the query editor.
attach database 5
Step 6 :  Click on "Execute" option to execute your query or select the query and press f5 and see the output.
attach database 6


In this chapter you have learned the step by step process to execute query in SQL Server. In the next chapter you will get examples of basic sql. The excersise is also given in the next chapter to test your self.


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