SQL Search Data

In this chapter you will learn:
About search data
Example of search data

Search data

If you want to search data according to some specific condition then you can use some statements with like, wildcards and aliases. The two commands like and wildcards used with SQL statements to retrieve specific data and aliases is laso to do same function but it is mainly used whey user join tables based on common columns which has same column name.

Example of search data

1. like:- Used to search specific data with where clause with the help of wildcards.
2. wildcards:- Helps to search data with like statemenet
3. aliases:- Used to uniquely identify the table and defined in FROM clause of the SELECT statement.

Search data statements


In the given chapter you have learned about search data and its commands so in the next chapter you will learn about all commands. Click on the nest button to know about like statement in details with example.


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