Retrieve Data From Database Using SQL Query

In this chapter you will learn:
Retrieve data?
List of retrieve commands

About Retrieve data

SQL Server is the product of Microsoft which provides the facility to insert, update, delete and retrieve data from database table so if you need to see the records of the table or a specific row or column then you can also do it. Suppose that you have created a database and some tables to store the data in a separate form and want to show or retrieve the data to see that is it correct or missing then you can do it with the help of “Select” command.

You have to write that –

Select * from table_name

If you will write the given code where table_name is the name of the table then you can retrieve the data of the table you have written in the code. There are many commands which help to retrieve the data according to the different condition. Some of them are where, order by, distinct, group by etc.

List of retrieve commands

Commands SUMMARY

In this chapter you have learned about the data retrieving process and list of commands used to retrieve data. You will get details of each command in the next chapters so click on Next button to know about select command in details.


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