Welcome to Entity Framework 6 Tutorial with MVC5

If you are beginners and searching for Entity Framework 6 Tutorial then you are absolutely in a right place. You will never get such an easy chapter as described in this tutorial. All the lessons, chapters are easy to understand and contain complete step by step pictorial guide.

What is Entity Framework and why you should learn it?

Entity Framework is an advanced level of ADO.Net. In traditional ado.net programming, you manually make a connection to the database; write dozens of lines of codes for storing, editing, retrieving and deleting a row from the table. You also had to manage database part according to your need.

Entity Framework makes this job easier. Now, you don’t need to worry about database part. Just work with your model class and Entity framework automatically adjust database and table according to your code. You also don’t need to write code for database operation. Once you setup entity framework, database manipulation becomes so much easier. All the CRUD operations are automatic and easy. If you are not familiar with Entity Framework then must continue with this tutorial.

What to Learn Next in this Tutorial

You will learn following chapters in this tutorial.

1. Getting Started

2. Entity Framework with New Database

3. EF Code First Approach

4. Model First Approach

As you noticed that we have cut the most of the theory part of Entity Framework; because here I am focusing on teaching practical guide of Entity Framework. Once you learned how to use EF in your project, you will able to understand complex theory part of Entity Framework. So, focus on your goal and start learning Entity Framework today.

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