Part 1: Create New MVC 5 Project and Install EF 6

In this chapter, we will create a New MVC 5 Project and Install Entity Framework 6. If you are familiar with creating a new project and installing entity framework then you can skip this chapter and move next.

Note: We divided this project into 4 Parts and this is the 1st PART

Parts of this Project

Create New Project

1. Open Visual Studio 2015 or the version you are using. Go to File New Project.
2. Select Web in the left pane and then select ASP.NET Web Application (.NET Framework) in the middle pane.
3. Give Project Name EFModelFirst and click OK.
4. In the next window, select MVC template and change authentication to No Authentication and click OK.
If you face difficulties in creating new project then see step by step pictorial guide. Start A New ASP.NET Web Application (.NET Framework) Project

Install Entity Framework 6

1. Right click on Project Name in Solution Explorer and Select Manage NuGet Packages.
2. Browse for Entity Framework and click Install button to Install It.
3. Click OK when review changes dialog box will appear.
4. Accept License agreement and Entity Framework gets installed into your project.
If you face difficulties in installing EF 6 then see step by step pictorial guide.
Installing Entity Framework 6 Into Your Project


Next Part of this tutorial is Create Entity Data Model and Entity class in Designer.


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