Entity Framework Code-First Tutorial Step by Step Pictorial Guide

In this tutorial, you are going to learn

1. What is Entity Framework – Code First Model?
2. How to create EF – Code First Project?
3. Step by Step guide of EF – Code First Model

Introduction: EF – Code First Model

There is two major part of every project Programming Logic and Database design. As a developer, you have to take care of both departments. You design database and tables and according to database design, you write a program that matches database table. After that, you write a query for inserting, updating and deleting operations.

In EF – Code First, you don't need to create database and table. Just create a model class in your project and work with them. When you build your project by pressing CTRL + ALT + B or run your project by pressing F5, Entity Framework will automatically create database and tables according to your model class.

Entity Framework – Code First means you write your model class first and according to model class EF setup your database. In the previous lesson, you have learned EF – Database First in which you created a database and table first and according to database design, EF automatically created model classes and DBContext for your project.

In one sentence: EF makes your programming easy and does most of the thing automatically for you.


The content of this chapter:


This is the just introduction of Entity Framework – Code First Model. The real project will be start from the next lesson. So, click on next lesson and Start EF – Code First (New Database) Tutorial with step by step pictorial guide.

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