Easy Introduction to Entity Framework 6 with Example

In this chapter you will learn:

1. What is Entity Framework 6?
2. Parts of EF6

Entity Framework is not a tough section to learn. It is easy to learn, easy to understand and easy to implement. In this tutorial, you will learn everything about Entity Framework 6 with complete programming example.

What is Entity Framework 6?

An Entity Framework is Object/Relation Mapping (ORM) Framework that allows you to easily create and connect to a database. In a simple word, Entity Framework does the entire database related task automatically based on your model class. You don’t need to worry about creating tables in a database. Just create a model class in your code and leave rest of the database related task to Entity Framework.

Entity Framework was a part of .NET Framework, but since Entity Framework version 6 it is separated from .NET Framework.

What Next?

I am not going to load you with lots of theories and statements. You are going to learn Entity Framework with the practical guide. This tutorial is designed to teach you practical EF6. So, the next chapter is installing EF6 on your project.


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