C# switch case constructs

In this chapter you will learn:

  • What is switch case constructs in C#?
  • How to use switch case constructs in programming?
  • What is difference between if else and switch case constructs?

Switch case is also another condition constructs in C# programming that evaluates the condition as if else but only difference is that it makes program simpler and easier. It is used when there is multiple if condition in a program. It also includes a default value in Default statements. If no any case matches then Default statements executes and run the code.

Programming Examples of Switch Case Constructs


Press 1 for add
Press 2 for subtraction
Press 3 for multiplication
Press 4 for DivisionEnter first number :       22
Enter second number :   8Enter your option:          422 / 8 = 2.75

Guideline to use Switch case:

  • Must include break statement in each case and default statements.
  • If you are accepting char value then write it within single quotes as follow:
    case ‘1’, case ‘b’, case ‘c’, case ‘k’ etc.
  • If you are accepting string value then write it within double quotes as follow:
    case “add”, case “sub”, case “mul”, case “div” etc.


In this chapter you learned what is switch case constructs and how it is different from if else constructs. You also learned how to use switch case constructs in C# programming. In next chapter, there is some programming examples are explained. That will help you to understand the programming structure of if else constructs as well as switch case constructs in c#.

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