C# Generic Stack<T> Tutorial with Programming Example

In this chapter you will learn
  • What is Generic Stack<T> in C#?
  • How to Initialize Generic Stack<T> in C#?
  • Programming Example

What is Generic Stack<T> in C#?

The stack is based on Last In First Out [LIFO] mechanism. It is required when you need to access recently added item first. For example, all of you would have used Undo function. When you press Ctrl + Z then the last changes made by you reversed. It is an example of a stack.

How to initialize Stack<T>?

Stack<string> mystack=new Stack<string>();

Important Properties and Methods of Stack

Properties Description
Count Returns the total count of elements in the Stack.
Methods Description
Push Inserts an item at the top of the stack.
Peek Returns the top item from the stack.
Pop Removes and returns items from the top of the stack.
Contains Checks whether an item exists in the stack or not.
Clear Removes all items from the stack.

Programming Example

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;

namespace GenericStackExample
    public class Program
        public static void Main(string[] args)
            Stack<string> mystack=new Stack<string>();
            //Adding Item in stack

            //Accessing Top Item without removing it.
            Console.WriteLine("\nTop Item is : {0}",mystack.Peek());

            //Removing Item from Stack
            Console.WriteLine("\nRemoved Top Item of Stack : " + mystack.Pop());  
            Console.WriteLine("\nNow Stack's Items are : ");
        public static void print(Stack<string> sp)
            foreach(string s in sp)
                Console.Write(s.ToString() + " | ");

Saturday | Friday | Thursday | Wednesday | Tuesday | Monday | Sunday | 
Top Item is : Saturday
Removed Top Item of Stack : Saturday
Now Stack's Items are : 
Friday | Thursday | Wednesday | Tuesday | Monday | Sunday | 



In this tutorial you learned about Generic Stack<T> In C# with programming example.


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