C# Statements Exercises

In this chapter you will learn: In this chapter you will learn how to implement statements in programming. There is some programming exercises are given below. You must solve the problem using C# programming.
Qu1:Shows difference between checked statements and unchecked statements in C# using programming.
Qu2:Create two classes and each class contains mathematical function to calculate number. Using return statement returns the value from the function.
Qu3:Shows difference between break and continue by writing suitable C# code.
Qu4:Write a program of enumeration in which store three value in enumeration red, yellow and green and shows their numeric position.
Qu5:Make a struct type data type using structure that holds 3 values as employee_name, employee_salary and age.


After completing this chapter, you will be able to implement statements in C# programming. In next session you will learn Loop Constructs in C#.


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