Basic Guideline to Run C#

In this chapter you will learn:
  • Which guideline should be followed while writing code in C#?
  • How to avoid common error in C# programming?
  • How to see the step by step execution of C# programming?

Before staring complete C# tutorial, you must know the following guideline. It will help you to write and execute your c# program easily and hassle-free.

Basic Guideline:

We assume you are using Visual Studio.
Guideline 1. Must check proper opening and closing of curly braces {}.
Guideline 2. Your program should be properly nested.
Guideline 3. Press F5 to execute your program.
Guideline 4. If you get exception, press Ctrl+F5 to stop execution.
Guideline 5. If you encounter infinite loop press Ctrl+C to break execution.
Guideline 6. After completion of each segment, must do exercises at the end of this chapter. It will help you clear your concept and improve your programming skills.
Guideline 7. Press F11 continuously to see how your program executes.

C# programming is very easy to never be bored with this language. After some time, when you will cover basic segment, you will be surely confident in C# programming. Best of luck!


In this chapter you learned about how to make your program error free by following some basic guideline of C# programming. In the next chapter you will learn about Where to write C# code.


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