C# Array

In this chapter you will learn:

  • What is array in C#?
  • What is one dimensional array?
  • What is multi dimensional array?
  • What is param array?
  • How to pass array as parameter?
  • Array function

Array is a collection of variable of same data type. If you have declare 1000 integer variable, then you can declare an integer type array of 1000 size. The value of array can be accessed using index position of array. The first index position of array is zero.

In C#, there two types of array: Single Dimensional Array and Multi Dimensional Array. You can use both type of array easily and can access its element using loop constructs or index position.

  • C# Array

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    After completing this session you will be able to describe different parts of array as one dimensional array, multi dimensional array, param array, array function etc. So, let’s start with declaring array in C#.


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