C# Method Declaration

In this chapter you will learn:

  • What is Method or function in C#?
  • How to declare method in program?
  • How to use method in program?

Method is the building block of object-oriented programming. It combines related code together and makes program easier. In C# method declaration, you can declare method by following way:


  • In the preceding example, the public is an access specifier,  void  is a return data type that return nothing and add() is a method name. There is no parameter define in add() method.

    If the function returns integer value, then you can define function as follow:

    If the function is returning string value, then you can define function as follow:

    You must remember, whenever use return data type with method, must return value using return keyword from body. If you don’t want to return any value, then you can use void data type.

    Programming Example


    Enter your name:     Steven Clark

    Enter Your City:      California

    Enter your age:       47

    Name:   Steven Clark
    City:     California
    Age:     47

    • You can define multiple functions within a class.
    • If you are using return data type instead of void, then must return appropriate value with return keyword.


    In this chapter you learned about what method or function is in C # and how to declare it in program. In next chapter you will learn how to calling method in program.

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      If the function returns interger value, then you can define function as follow:

      *Replace int instead of void *

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