CSS Background

In this chapter you will learn:
What is CSS background?
background properties

As its name suggests background so it is easy to understand that it can be applied to change the effect, look and feel of background or layer, elements, web page etc. You can apply this property to HTML tags or elements to change its background effect. There are many other CSS properties which are attached to this property.

Background properties:-
Background- properties Description
background-attachment It is used to specify that the given background will fix or scroll on the screen.
background-color It is used to specify the color of the background of element.
background-image Used to set the image in background
background-position Used to specify the position of background
background-repeat Used to specify that the given background image will repeat or not.
background-size Used to specify the size of background image.


You will get detailed knowledge of each given property with an example in next chapters.


In this chapter, you have learned about background and properties related to the background so click on next button to know more about each property with an example which can help you to use on your web page.


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