CSS Border Property

In this chapter you will learn:
About border property
List of properties related to border

Border property is used to display the border of the element in different look and feel. You can create attractive web pages and separate elements with different border styles. It is used to give a scope of element or tag to display on web pages.We use mostly two attributes (border-style and border-width) to specify the border but there are more properties related to the border which are given for your detailed knowledge.

List of properties related to border:-
Border properties
border-style This propery is used to specify the style of border
border-width Used to specify the width of border
border-color Used to specify the color of border
border-spacing Used to specify spaces between two borders
border-collapse This property specify that there is no spaces between cells and only one border for all


In this chapter, you have learned about CSS border and some properties related to the border so click on next button to get details of each property with an example.


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