Where to Write CSS Code

In this chapter you will learn:
Where to write the CSS code?
Some Guidelines to write the code

If you want to write CSS codes then it is very easy because you need not use extra editor for CSS codes. You can write the code in simple notepad where you have written the HTML codes. You can also write the codes in dream viewer which is a most popular editor and helps to write the codes.

  1. Write the code in separated style tag and when the codes end, close style tag.
  2. You can write CSS codes in three types which depend on the requirement. You will learn are given in next chapters.
  3. Every open tag must be closed.
  4. Since it is not case sensitive so you can write the codes in any case (lower/upper).
css editor


In this chapter, you learned that where to write CSS codes and what are the guidelines to follow when writing the codes. Click on Next button to learning continue -


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