CSS List-Style-Position Property

In this chapter you will learn:
About list-style-position property
Values of this property
Example of this property
List-style-position property is used to specify the list style (bullet) inside or outside of content. It helps to positioning the bullet of list.
Values of this property-
Values Description
inside Bullet appears inside the content
outside Bullet appears outside of content
initial Specify the default list-style-type value
inherit Inherited from parent property

Example of this property-
    <title>Example of list-style-position property</title>
    <style type="text/css">
<ul id="a">
<ul id="b">

If you will run the given program then you will get that bullets of the list are positioned in different spaces due to list-style-position property.
example of list-style-position


In this chapter, you have learned about the list-style-position property. Some other properties of CSS are given in next chapter so click on Next button to continue-


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