CSS Text-Transform Property

In this chapter you will learn:
About text-transform property
Values of transform property
Example of this property

Text-transform property is used to transform the text like lowercase, uppercase, capitalize etc. This property is supported in all major browsers.

Values of transform property
Values Description
lowercase Used to change the characters to lowercase.
uppercase Used to change the characters to lowercase.
capitalize Used to change first character of each word to uppercase.
none No transform
initial Used to set the default value of the property
inherit Inherit property from parent element

Example of this property

    <title>Example of text-transform property</title>
    <style type="text/css">        
<p id="a">TEXT OF PARAGRAPH</p>
<p id="b">text of paragraph</p>
<p id="c">text of paragraph</p>
<p id="d">text of paragraph</p>

When you will run the given program then you will get that contents of paragraphs are displayed in a different form (lowercase, uppercase, capitalize and normal).

example of text-transform property

In this chapter, you have learned about the text-transform property of CSS. Some other properties are given in next chapter so click on Next button to continue-


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