CSS Min-Height Property

In this chapter you will learn:
About min-height property
Values of min-height property
Example of this property

CSS min-height property is used to set the minimum height of the element so if you have defined the min-height of any element then you can’t set the height of that element smaller than min-height.

Values of min-height property-
Values Description
% Used to set the minimum height in % (percent)
length Used to define minimum height in cm, px etc.
initial Used to specify the default value of the property.
inherit inherit value from parent element

Examples of this property-
    <title>Example of min-height property</title>
    <style type="text/css">
<div> This is the example of min-height property. <br/>
The minimum height of this division has set to 120px so <br/>
you can't set its height smaller than the min-height.</div>

example of min-height
In this chapter, you have learned about the min-height property with a given program so try it yourself and click on Next button to continue-

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