CSS Properties

In this chapter you will learn:
CSS properties
Example of properties

CSS properties are the main part of CSS which help to create effective and attractive web pages. CSS properties give the extra features to HTML tags and help to change controls at runtime. Every property has its own importance so when you apply with HTML tags then it gives a different look and feels according to its property.

Example of properties:-

font-size, font-color, margin-top, margin-buttom, padding, transform, overflow, cursor, hover, active, focus, link, background-color, background-image etc.

i)You can not use all properties with the same element or tag because it is restricted or it has defined that every tag supports some special properties.
ii) Some of the properties are supported by multiple tags or elements such as color, font-size, font-color, font-family, font-weight etc.


In this chapter, you have learned about CSS properties and its example so to get details of each property click on next button-


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